Manuals & Resources

At QuadReal™ Property Group, Brokerage, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer service and support for our tenants. The online tenant manual and safety guides posted here, provide valuable information for new and existing tenants at the World Exchange Plaza.

Security & Life Safety

The safety and security of our tenants is the central focus of our highly trained Security and Life Safety team. Our Security Operations Group is responsible for all calls and emergencies, in addition to performing general patrol and enforcement duties.

Security: (613) 567-1110


In case of emergency please contact 911

Courier Services

Courier service is available to our tenants at World Exchange Plaza. Please find the details below:

1-888-SHIP-123 (Purolator)
Dropboxes are located at 45 O’Connor Street P1 Mailroom.

Waste Reduction

Tenant Forms

We've gone digital, and now you can submit all of your requests online! If you're still having difficulty locating exactly what you need, please contact us directly.

Select your building from the options below to display our available forms.

World Exchange Plaza Tower I- 45 O'Connor

World Exchange Plaza Tower II- 100 Queen Street

World Exchange Plaza- 111 Albert Street